List your Service and/or EVSE, EVSE Accessory invites all EVSE, product vendors, and service providers to list their businesses or individual products and services to create a collaborative ecosystem supporting the rollout of public EV charging infrastructure across the UK.

By listing on, it provides the opportunity to work in locations of demand by Charging Point Operators and EV Infrastructure Investors.

Be part of a supply chain, delivering on nationwide 2030 targets of more than 480,000 public EV charging points.

Benefits of listing a Product or Service

  • 1 New channel for matching demand for products and services  
  • 3 Cost-effective extension to in-house marketing and business development to build your sales pipeline
  • 5 Expand your sales pipeline¬†¬†¬†
  • 2 Easily connect with buyers and stakeholders in the EV charging infrastructure ecosystem  
  • 4 Save time and money scouting for new business opportunities
  • 6 Increase knowledge of new EV infrastructure projects and opportunities   

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